5 Subscription Services I Canceled This Year

It seems like every day we’re presented with a new subscription service that promises to make our lives easier and bring countless hours of entertainment to our droll, meaningless, lives. As an enthusiastic victim of capitalism, I’m always looking for new ways to waste my money and continue my enslavement to the almighty dollar, so my latest thing is I’ve been trying all kinds of subscription services but not all of these are worth it, here’s a recap of some of the subscription services I tried this year.

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$25K-$75K For Education Creators

Next 10 Ventures is launching its first Incubator program, established to invest and support education and learning-focused digital video creators. The goal behind the program is to help video creators become sustainable full-time EduCreators. The program will admit 25-40 education-focused creators for one year. During that time, they’ll be provided with resources to help them plan out their next 10 years as EduCreators. Focus areas include seed funding, business planning, EduCreator Bootcamp, peer networking, mentorship support, and wellness resources.

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