FREE: User Persona Canva Template

Stuck on user personas? Try this free user persona Canva template! If you’re at the beginning of the product development process, you’re probably thinking a lot about the types of users that you’ll be targeting with your new product. As a product manager, we’re constantly researching and thinking about the people that use your products. The more specific you can get in the profiling of these customers, the more you can tailor what you’re building to solve their problems and meet their needs.

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What Software Tools do Product Managers Need to Learn?

How technical do I have to be to become a Product Manager? This is one of the most common questions I get from young professionals interested in a career in Product. It’s also one of the biggest factors that prevents individuals (particularly women) from even trying to apply for certain roles. I understand this hesitation completely because nobody wants to be put in a position where they land the job but then have no idea how to do it.

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FREE: Kanban Desktop Organizer Wallpaper and Folder Icons

Perfect for the Scrum Master, Product Manager, or Project Manager in your life! This Scrum Desktop Organizer is a fully customizable Canva template. Change colors, copy, shapes, add your images, and much more! Designed to fit your computer desktop, this organizer has four different columns to organize your files and folders: To-Do, In Progress, Testing, and Done.

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Resources for Researching a Pivot to Product Management

I’ve collected a number of free resources that can give you a basic understanding of the role, as a starting point. This is enough information for you to make a decision on whether you want to continue to pursue Product Management.

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Free Email Signature Template

When was the last time you thought about your email signature? For some people, an email signature exists only to communicate the essential information: Name, title, address, phone number, and website. But for others, the email signature is a form of creative expression. Some folks use their email signatures to promote their latest products or…

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How to Edit a PDF for Free

Most folks use the Pro version of Adobe to do this, but if you’re not on your work computer, you may not have access to expensive licensed software programs to do this. You may not even think about it at all until you’re in a situation where you have to do advanced PDF editing and you realize you have no way to do it!

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How to Make a FREE “Link-in-Bio” Page Using WordPress

Last week, there was a story making the rounds that link-in-bio company Snipfeed had raised $5.5 million in their seed round. I read the article hoping to understand what these companies are doing that would command such investment and, honestly, I still don’t know. But it got me curious enough to explore alternatives, and along…

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FREE: LinkedIn Banner Template

gurus, Hollywood agents, and fashion entrepreneurs. A group of people whose livelihoods depended on networking and projecting a certain image of themselves. As someone whose job takes place mostly behind a keyboard or a phone, I never thought I’d have a need for something like that. But as this Ted Talk from Talaya Waller explains, in a competitive job market, your personal branding might be the differentiator between landing that gig and not.

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How to Combat “The Likeability Trap” at Work

ether you’re likeable? Although we’re all conditioned to say that we don’t care about what other people think of us, the truth is that most of us will wonder about this at some point or another. Especially when thinking about our work relationships which are so closely tied to our careers and livelihoods. Of course, we all want to be liked, but at what cost?

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FREE: Product Launch Writing Prompts

We’re at the half-point of the year, and if you’re a product manager, chances are that you’re in the grips of planning for your Q3 and Q4 launches. And if you’re building a product from the ground up, then you’ve probably got a ton of decisions to make! Everyone has their personal preferences for how to brainstorm. Some folks like to whiteboard, others like to use programs like Miro or Productboard, but for me personally, nothing beats the written word.

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Express Style Trial Membership

Express Style Trial Review: Can you rent your wardrobe?

How much money do I spend on clothing every year? Would it be cheaper to rent my wardrobe instead? Questions I asked myself once I started getting Instagram ads for the Express Style Trial clothing rental service, a subscription service that “gives members access to endless styles for one flat monthly fee.” Could this be the answer to my closet and empty wallet blues?

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Pony-O Hair Products and Simple Pleasures

Amidst a pandemic, stuck at home, we’ve all had to get by on simple pleasures. Many of you have been indulging in your hobbies…I’ve been playing with my hair.

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GRIEF VIGILANTES Screening at Film Invasion L.A.

Film Invasion Los Angeles looks to showcase the best undiscovered movies in the heart of Los Angeles. As a 2020 selection, our short film Grief Vigilantes will be screening as part of their Comedy Spotlight!

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Review of the Los Angeles Times Digital Subscription and App

A review of The Los Angeles Times Unlimited Digital subscription and the accompanying app.

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Coronavirus Relief Funds for Individual Artists/Creatives

A list of Coronavirus/COVID-19 relief funds and resources.

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NALAC Advocacy Leadership Institute – 2020 Fellow

The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures has selected me as a 2020 fellow for their Advocacy Leadership Institute. This means I’ll have the opportunity to speak to my elected officials about the importance of supporting the arts.

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Manduka to Liforme: A Yoga Mat Journey

As a long-time Manduka Prolite user, I made the decision to buy a Liforme travel yoga mat, and it made me keenly aware of each mat’s strengths and weaknesses. In the end, I love both!

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Journy @ Streaming Media West 2019

I had the opportunity to speak at Streaming Media West about Journy’s place in the streaming wars.

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Chasing the Sun: Asia – Now Streaming on Journy!

Proud to announce that CHASING THE SUN: ASIA is now streaming on Journy! We had a great team assembled for this project and I’m happy I got to executive produce this first Journy original.

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Grief Vigilantes – A Short Film

I’m one of the producers of GRIEF VIGILANTES, a comedy short about a grief-stricken woman who decides to kidnap her boss. We’re in the middle of our film festival run and we’re happy to report that we’re a 2020 Official Selection of Film Invasion Los Angeles and the Miami Independent Film Festival!

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