My experience with websites begins sometime back in 2011 when I recruited my friend to help me setup this website. I gave him all the content and he put it together. I loved it! But I realized quickly that to keep a site current, you have to maintain it pretty frequently. I didn’t want to keep bugging him with updates, so I just learned how to use WordPress! Back then, my site was hosted by but the CMS was on, but I’m completely migrated over to now. This has giving me exposure to all of WP’s editing capabilities, plugins, basic html/css, API’s, community features, distribution, and monetization options.

Nexstar Digital

October 2020-Present

As Video Product Manager for Nexstar Digital, I’m responsible for the day-to-day video product operations for the Nexstar network. This includes providing video support to the web team. Additionally, I am part of the video product team that also provides support in the following areas: video migration, embedded video/livestreams, widgets, video feeds, video playlists, floating video player, video training, and documentation.

Grief Vigilantes

January 2020

The EPK website for the short film, Grief Vigilantes. Created using WordPress.