Mobile and OTT Portfolio

My experience with OTT started in the late aughts. Once I realized that I could use devices like a Roku box combined with streaming services like Netflix, I dumped my cable package and never looked back. In parallel, I was cultivating a career in media learning about multi-platform video streaming. Over time, I gained experience with these platforms by overseeing app launches and participating in cross-departmental projects that involved video.

Similarly, my experience with mobile devices would start as an end user. I loved my Blackberry so much but once I started working in media, I realized that I had to upgrade to the latest devices. The iPhone never spoke to me, and I hated Macs (still do!) so I chose to start my journey with one of the Samsung Galaxy devices. I stuck with this brand for a while, but now I’m a Google Pixel kinda gal. I wouldn’t call myself a Google fan girl but Android is the only way to go for me.

Below are samples of mobile and OTT products I’ve worked on.

Nexstar Digital

October 2020-Present

As Video Product Manager for Nexstar Digital, I’m responsible for the day-to-day video product operations for the Nexstar network. This includes providing video support to the mobile teams, and OTT partners. Additionally, I am part of the video product team that also provides livestream support, video platform management, vendor management, contributions to the video roadmap, product requirements, backlog grooming, user training, and documentation.

Journy (AVOD)

March 2015-June 2020

As VP of Digital Platforms and Content for Ovation TV, I was responsible for the day-to-day operations of our mobile and OTT apps. This included working with development agencies, video platform partner management, distribution partnerships, and content acquisitions.

I oversaw the development and launch of the Journy Roku channel in 2017. I worked with distribution partners to grow the audience to over 1 million organic followers in its inaugural year. This was a successful MVP experiment for the company, who went on to launch on additional platforms.

Ovation (AVOD/SVOD)

Oversaw day-to-day operations for the Ovation Now mobile applications (iOS/Android) and launched Ovation NOW Roku channel.