1. a native or inhabitant of Los Angeles.

This website is part blog, part portfolio, but mostly, it’s a collection of my passions. Currently, I work in the entertainment industry, and I have a long career in digital media. I’m a television junkie and enjoy working in the television industry. Visit my portfolio to learn more.

I’m also a writer, known to blog about media, books, yoga, and anything that rouses the spirit in me. I’m in the process of completing my first television pilot; a half-hour, single-cam, workplace comedy about the influencer economy.

Most recently, I’ve also been increasingly interested in producing. Currently, I’m executive producing a travel docu-series, as well as an independent comedy film about grief.

Lastly, I recently became a certified yoga instructor (CYT-200), and I’m an active practitioner and student.

This blog is a place for me to bring all my interests together. It’s a place to show who THIS ANGELENA is and what she cares about. I hope you find something to enjoy. Namaste!