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Back in the 90’s, my first computer was a shitty Compaq PC that was slower than dial-up. But one day I discovered how to personalize my folder icons and I downloaded a Batman: The Animated Series folder icon set and it completely transformed my desktop. This was something I was very into and I’d periodically change the theme and play around with color palettes and icons. It was fun! Over time, I stopped doing this and I haven’t thought about it since the 90’s, but then I came across a few desktop organizer templates in Canva and I thought they were fun and helpful for keeping your computer desktop clean and organized.

I sat down to design one and wondered what might be helpful for PMs, and I thought why not a Kanban board? As product managers, we’re in and out of Jira and other project management software all day, but our desktops are oftentimes a mess of files. This design, inspired by Atlassian’s Jira color palette, is a basic Kanban board that’s completely customizable. The template includes a set of folders that you can use to customize your desktop folder icons. All of this is via the Canva platform where there are also a ton of free icons and graphics for you to get creative with your desktop icons. This way you can keep your computer desktop as pretty as your Jira boards.

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