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When was the last time you thought about your email signature? For some people, an email signature exists only to communicate the essential information: Name, title, address, phone number, and website. But for others, the email signature is a form of creative expression.

Some folks use their email signatures to promote their latest products or projects. If you’re in sales, your email signature could be a tremendous lead generator. If you’re an influencer or creative, an email signature can convey all your important platforms. As such, they modify and experiment with their signatures constantly, but what is everyone using to create their email signatures?

Signature settings in programs like Gmail or Outlook are extremely limiting. If you want to add unique graphical elements or play around with color, native email signature settings are limited. There are several paid alternatives of which the most popular one is probably WiseStamp. I used this product for a while, and it’s a great tool that allows you to customize your signature in a number of ways and export it to your email client, but at $70 per year, it’s a steep price to pay for an email signature.

This made me look for alternatives and it lead me down the path of email signature templates made with Canva. I created a small bundle of clickable/editable email signatures that have tons of utility for workers in tech, media, and entertainment. The Product Edit subscribers will get one of these signature templates for free to customize and remix as their own. If you’re not a current subscriber, you can sign up below. If you’re not a subscriber, you can also buy the bundle here or on Etsy.

Canva Email Signature Template – September Freebie

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