Pony-O Hair Products and Simple Pleasures

Amidst a pandemic, stuck at home, we’ve all had to get by on simple pleasures. Many of you have been indulging in your hobbies…I’ve been playing with my hair.

It all started when the Pony-O made its way into my Instagram feed. The Pony-O is a hair tie/scrunchie substitute made of a copper bar covered in silicon that’s supposed to be just as secure without the tugging. The product piqued my interest, but I didn’t feel compelled to buy anything.

Well, I must’ve ended up on someone’s re-marketing list because everywhere I went, the perky Pony-O girl followed me around with her equally perky ponytail. I reached a point where I couldn’t deal with the fact that I was missing out on the perfect ponytail so I bought a standard black Pony-O and a Bun Bar (another product to make an equally perfect bun).

I waited with great anticipation for my package to arrive. When the products finally arrived, I remember trying them immediately and feeling that they were only OK. I put them in the bathroom drawer where all hair accessories go to die, and I forgot about them.

That would be the end of the story had it not been for the Pony-O company’s persistence. After my purchase, they kept sending me newsletters with helpful tips. Their feed on Instagram continued to offer hair-do ideas and different ways of using their products. They refused to give up on me!

Then reader, something amazing happened. I started trying out the tips, and I got better outcomes. This made me want to try more hairstyles, which made me more proficient with the products.

Not only that, but the simple act of experimenting with my hair brought simple joy to what ended up being such a monotonous year, overall.

About Pony-O

The Pony-O is the invention of Nicol Harvie, an inventor patenting hair accessories for over 30 years. As she notes in this video, she realized that most of the hair accessories we wear on a day-to-day basis were invented in the 1800s by men. She wanted something that wasn’t painful and better fit the needs of women.

Pony-O is driven by innovation. When I bought from them at the beginning of the pandemic, they only had one size option. By the end of the year, they had introduced a skinnier 2.0 version and a larger XL version. They had also launched different colors, prints, and “bling.”

Their content followed me along all year until I broke down and ordered AGAIN in December to take advantage of their holiday specials.

Besides the different sizes to accommodate different hair types, I think this company stays winning because they show you how to use their products. The livestreams are cool because followers can ask questions to have the model demonstrate the answers in real-time.

Pony-O even did their part during the height of COVID-19 by giving frontline medical workers a way to wear their masks.

The cool thing about Pony-O products is that you don’t have to be particularly skilled at doing hair. They’re easy to use and they give you a polished look regardless. The key to using the Pony-O is to not think of it as a hair tie, it’s a completely different hair accessory.

For a high ponytail, the Pony-O XL (Coral pictured) works best with my wavy hair.
Ponyo wavy hair
This rose gold metallic Pony-O is my favorite of the bunch.
A perfect bun every time with the Bun Bar!

I’ll definitely put all these to good use if it’s ever safe to leave the house again.

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