5 Subscription Services I Canceled This Year

It seems like every day we’re presented with a new subscription service that promises to make our lives easier and bring countless hours of entertainment to our droll, meaningless, lives. As an enthusiastic victim of capitalism, I’m always looking for new ways to waste my money and continue my enslavement to the almighty dollar, so my latest thing is I’ve been trying all kinds of subscription services but not all of these are worth it, here’s a recap of some of the subscription services I tried this year.

1. Gaia

Gaia is a streaming video service focused on “conscious media” which has a massive library of content ranging from Yoga and meditation to aliens and spirit channeling. I was a subscriber for several months but ultimately had to cancel it because so much of this content feels like it was made in the 80’s, in a diversity vacuum. Gaia currently costs $99 for the year but I’m pretty sure you can find some discount/coupon/special for it, if you’re determined to try it. For a detailed breakdown of why this app sucks, read my full review on it.

2. CBS All Access

I joined CBS All Access for one reason and one reason only: JORDAN PEELE’S TWILIGHT ZONE REBOOT! I got maybe halfway through the season and was so disappointed by the bad writing that I didn’t even finish it. I didn’t cancel it in time and CBS got more money from me than I intended to give them, but never again. There are literally no other shows in this app that are worth paying for. If you don’t recognize any of the faces in the hero image above, then you’ll definitely not give a fuck about any of this programming. It costs $9.99 a month for the ad-free version, and that is just too damn high!

3. Canva

Canva is a graphic-design tool website that allows you to quickly and easily make creative assets. Essentially, it works like a much less powerful Photoshop for those of us that are technically-challenged. I actually really like this service! They have hundreds of ready-made templates that are easy to modify and version out. There are also lots of sharing features that make this convenient to use with a team. The only reason I canceled it was because I have Photoshop at work but if you’re in a pinch and need design help, the cost of $12.95 per user is totally worth it!

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking and plagiarism detection platform. I did the annual membership and installed all the plugins and shit, hoping this was going to dramatically improve my writing and it didn’t. It turns out that pointing out every single comma splice I’ve ever made in my life doesn’t help me make any less! There are attempts to try and show you the grammar but it can be convoluted and difficult to understand. Furthermore, it would usually point out shit that I, or a proofreader, could easily catch, and is too dumb to understand certain vernacular or slang. At a whopping $139.95 per year, it’s a pass for me, but if you want to try it, I would advise following them and signing up for newsletters because I’ve seen as much as 50% off during holidays or special sale events.

5. Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy website and app that allows you to virtually connect with licensed therapists. This shit is EXPENSIVE. It’s $65 per week for the cheapest plan, and that doesn’t include any video conference, only text. I REALLY wanted to like this, and at first I did, but over time it felt like my relationship with my therapist wasn’t going anywhere. Also, there were times where I didn’t feel like she was engaged in the conversation by the generic messages I was receiving. At any point you can change therapists and start again but I just wasn’t feeling anymore at that point. It made me realize that what I actually want is in-person therapy. However, this could be a good solution for someone having a temporary crisis or if you’re in between therapists. There were a lot of good conversations we had so it wasn’t all bad.


I hope that my journey has helped you in your search of the best subscription services to become a self-actualized, whole, human being. Leave a comment if you’ve had a different experience or just hate that I’m so right. Light and love on your journey through the jungle. Namaste.