The Top 5 Jessamyn Stanley Yoga Videos

Jessamyn Stanley is a breath of fresh air for the yoga community! Most yogis are portrayed as being blonde, white, and lithe in western media and marketing. The truth is that yogis come in all kinds of different shapes, colors, and sizes. There is no “yoga body” just like there isn’t a “bikini body” — we are all capable of doing yoga! And just like she’s a champion for plus-size yogis of color, she’s also known for speaking her mind. Her videos and social media posts break the stereotype that yogis are always supposed to be happy and zen. We’re allowed to be mad, sad, or silly, we’re not supposed to be beacons of light at all times, we’re human!

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her yoga flows and cultural commentary. Here are Jessamyn Stanley’s most popular yoga videos:


In this four and a half minute timelapse, we get to see Jessamyn’s Vinyasa flow set to fun music.

Flow Fuckery- Headstands and Splits

This is pretty incredible! In this quick video, we see a timelapse of Jessamyn practicing some of her headstands and splits. She makes it look easy, but all of this incredible strength and body control.

February FlowForAll Day 6

This video is part of the #FlowForAll challenge, sponsored by @fractal.9, @lineagewear, and @personalrecordofficial. The video includes transitions from #uttanasana to a trio of #skandasana (#surferpose) and then switches on to your right hand for an IT band stretch.

Yoga Warm-Up Poses- Morning Sequence

This timelapse shows a simple and sweet morning yoga flow to wake up your spine and get your blood flowing.

#SizeDoesntMatter Yoga Challenge- Day 19- Ninja Death Pose

This video is part of the #SizeDoesntMatter Yoga Challenge, and this pose is incredibly difficult! It’s a variation on Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana II, and the video shows a series of transitions from variations of Low Lunge Pose, Lizard Pose, & Virasana with the knee pressed against the wall before going into the full expression.

BONUS: Jessamyn Stanley Talks About Being Fat and Practicing Yoga

In addition to her yoga flow videos, Jessamyn’s YouTube Channel has some videos where she talks about yoga and fat bodies. In this video, she discusses the misconception that fat yogis can’t do the same things that skinny yogis can.

For more videos, check out Jessamyn Stanley’s YouTube channel!

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