Ballona Creek: Westside Los Angeles’ Best Kept Secret

Ballona Creek. Quite frankly, it’s not that much of a mystery to us Westsiders. Especially those of us living in Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Culver City and Mar Vista. I mean, it’s a giant 9-mile waterway that runs all the way to the beach – it’s pretty hard to miss! More than likely, most people in L.A. don’t live in these areas so they are most likely oblivious to one of the greatest places to be on a Sunday afternoon.

And what makes Ballona Creek so amazing? Several reasons, but let’s start by looking at the beautiful images above and below. Reason number one? It gets you away from the fucking city without actually getting out of the fucking city. Fresh air, beautiful views and some physical activity make this a perfect outing. I say physical activity because you’re going to have to either walk, bike, skateboard, roller skate, run, jog, power walk, or rollerblade your way to the beach; Ballona Creek stretches from the inland, Culver City area and ends in the Marina Del Rey/Playa Del Rey area.

During the Pre-Columbian era, Tongva people existed as hunters and gatherers in small villages throughout the Ballona Creek watershed and other parts of the Los Angeles basin. Native American culture faded with the arrival of Spanish explorers.

Another great thing about Ballona Creek is the ultra friendly people you will run into along the way. Just awesome people that are out enjoying the sun, being active and enjoying life. You could do a lot worse for a Sunday afternoon. And I think some cool creative types must hang out there too because I saw some clever graffiti on my last bike ride at the creek. Check it out….

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