Book Adaptations Round-up

It’s been a banner week for book-to-TV/Movie adaptations! It seems like, in addition to recycling proven franchises, Hollywood is also dipping into the book pond, not that this is a new concept for them. Except that all of these new projects actually look real good, so maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. Which one of these are you most excited about?

Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”


Earlier this week, Sony gave CinemaCon attendees a treat by showing them the trailer for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower movie adaptation, and the internet has been reacting ever since. Some diehard fans, like Quint of Ain’t It Cool News, are already disappointed because the world depicted is at odds with the dilapidated post-apocalyptic world in the books. Some folks, like Scott Wampler over at Birth.Movies.Death, are quick to point out that the movie was never meant to be a straight adaptation, so chill.

Personally, I’m totally impartial. I was a huge Stephen King fan when I was a kid, and yet I never got into the Dark Tower series, so I have the ability to judge the movie as a standalone film. With Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey starring, it can’t be THAT bad, right?!?!?!


Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”


Starz released ten character posters for Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, which premieres April 30th. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read ANY Neil Gaiman, but his latest book, Norse Mythology, is on my very long to-read list. Check out the other poster art on Geek Tyrant.

Munro Leaf’s “The Story of Ferdinand”

Is nothing sacred? Mutha…fucking…Ferdinand? I mean, look, it makes sense, Ferdinand is one of those beloved children’s book characters that made it OK to be different. It’s just such a stark disconnect, looking back at the original illustrations compared to this wannabe Pixar effort. Despite my cynicism, the trailer looks really cute, and John Cena voices Ferdinand, and I love him. So….I guess….not so bad.


 Stephen King’s “It”

It’s IT! New Line Cinema released the latest trailer for Stephen King’s It, and I’m pretty stoked. It’s got all kinds of 8o’s Stand By Me vibes, and I’m excited to see what Bill Skarsgård’s spin on Pennywise will be. Tim Curry KILLED IT in the original movie, so he’s got some big clown shoes to fill. Also, the Duffer Brothers (of Stranger Things fame) originally had a bid to make this adaptation, but they were rejected, so let’s see if that was a good decision from New Line.