John Leguizamo on the Latino Rebels Podcast | Motivation Monday

Looking for some motivation and inspiration on this lovely Monday morning? Look no further, fam! The folks over at Latino Rebels had prolific actor and Latino advocate, John Leguizamo on their podcast. Leguizamo came on to talk about his new show at NYC’s Public Theater, LATIN HISTORY FOR MORONS, and to address larger issues plaguing the Latino community. He discusses the exclusionary history that prompted him to create something that celebrates the Latinos that have changed history. He even touches upon his disappointment in his fellow Latinos in Hollywood for remaining silent on issues that are so important to us. The second half of the podcast is about SXSW, but I recommend sticking around for the excellent interview with Cory Booker.

The theater group is offering a discount for Latino Rebels fans. If you’re in the NY area and want to check out Latin History For Morons, make sure to use the discount!