When it was first announced that the┬áThe Fine Bros’ hit YouTube series “Kids React To…” was becoming a television show, all YouTube creators cheered. Here was a show that was born and raised entirely on YouTube, and now it was being adapted for television, and not just any TV network, no, this was for Nickelodeon. This show is a symbol for YouTube creators hoping to turn their original productions into larger scale projects like television shows, movies and, in general, successful intellectual properties, so it was great to finally see it air over the holiday break.

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Earlier this week, Break.com’s Shovel Fight video went crazy viral! The clip features two teenage girls fighting on the front lawn. At one point, one of them says she’s going for her BB gun, but comes back with a shovel instead. She doesn’t hesitate to pop the other girl in the back of the head–SLAM–and the other girl goes down fast. Needless to say, Dr. Drew wasn’t amused with this behavior, so he had the girls call in so he could get to the bottom…Continue Reading “Dr. Drew Takes On The Shovel Fight Girls”