The 80’s are synonymous with hair metal bands, Lisa Frank, ALF, and Molly Ringwald. As the undeniable queen of the Brat Pack, and muse to iconic film director John Hughes, she dominated the teenybopper scene with movies like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and the iconic Pretty in Pink. But what made Molly Ringwald a hit with teen girls everywhere was her spot-on fashion sense. Sure, there were probably countless designers and fashion consultants behind her carefully crafted look, but it’s Molly that pulls them off. I mean, I would never even TRY to wear pastel floral leggings, but somehow she makes them look SOOOO fierce! So in honor of Molly’s 47th birthday, we’re taking a look back at some of the most amazing trends she pioneered and slayed in the ’80s.

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There once was a glorious organization called, The World Wrestling Federation. I know that it still kinda exists as the WWE, but let’s face it, it sucks hard. Watching the wrestlers of today made me long for the epic wrestlers of yesterday, and those legends made me long for all those weird, off-color, and shitty characters that emerged along the way. Take my hand as we walk down memory lane and revisit some of those unforgettable characters that we’ve forgotten.