With Donald Trump’s threats against the National Endowment for the Arts, Ovation, as the only arts and culture television network, has felt compelled to respond. We kicked off a video campaign to show the importance of art in our culture, and why it’s necessary to be supportive of artists. We’re also providing resources for individuals that want to take action and contact their elected officials or sign a petition, in order to make their voices heard. Visit the Stand for the Arts website for more information…Continue Reading “Ovation Stands For The Arts”


Everyone here at Ovation has been going crazy in preparation for the premiere of our big television exclusive: VERSAILLES! Set in France during the reign of Louis XIV, Versailles is a lavish 10-episode production that tells the riveting story of the “Sun King,” the building of his opulent palace, and all the sex, murder, and power plays that roiled his court. Watch the drama unfold as Versailles becomes a battleground for romantic intrigue, power grabs, and declarations of war. Premieres October 1. Only on Ovation.


Kuma Films is made up of two filmmaking brothers, Joe and Todd Robins. On their YouTube channel, they travel around the world in search of some of the greatest stuntmen, artists, and performers to film them doing what they do best. It was great to be able to feature them on our original television series, The Method. Below are some great behind-the-scenes footage from their trip to Taiwan! But make sure to tune into Ovation (check your local listings) to see the full episode