Paul F. Tompkins Watches Speakeasy on Virgin America Flight

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Hey, Virgin America travellers! #SpeakeasyWithPFT is right in front of your faces now! Couple things to know: we don’t “lure” anyone anywhere. Everyone is given directions, via email, at the very least. Also, it’s dimly lit, but in a nice way. So. LOOK, NO ONE’S GONE MISSING AFTER GUESTING ON THIS SHOW IN OVER A YEAR, OKAY? [regram from @mprteam]

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I’m glad that Paul found my copy for this amusing! This is part of a pilot program between YouTube, Virgin America, and select YouTube partners. We were lucky enough to have Speakeasy chosen, and we’re among some very prominent YouTubers like Michelle Phan, and Bethany Mota. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of results will come from the experiment, but we’ll have to wait a few months before we get those.



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