It’s been about a year since we started doing our “Newsy Vignettes,” which is just a fancy term for short-form digital content for social. The videos have really evolved since the first few with tested last year, and now with a new graphics package and a larger team devoted to working on these, they’ll only get even better! You can see all of these on our YouTube channel, but I’ve highlighted some of my favorites below.  


With Donald Trump’s threats against the National Endowment for the Arts, Ovation, as the only arts and culture television network, has felt compelled to respond. We kicked off a video campaign to show the importance of art in our culture, and why it’s necessary to be supportive of artists. We’re also providing resources for individuals that want to take action and contact their elected officials or sign a petition, in order to make their voices heard. Visit the┬áStand for the Arts website for more information…Continue Reading “Ovation Stands For The Arts”