San Daniele, Italy, September 2016.
San Daniele, Italy, September 2016.

Oh, hello there, I didn’t hear you come in. What brings you to this tiny corner of the web? Either you met me IRL and you’re in full on stalker mode, in which case I’ll refer you to my Twitter, I update that much more frequently. Or, you’re a prospective client or employer, in which case, have a seat, grab a cup of coffee, look around!

But first, some basic background info on me, I’m a proud Latina, born and raised here in Los Angeles. I love dogs, and my fur babies even have their own YouTube channel (GO LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE, NAO). I graduated from UCSD with a BA in English Literature and a newfound love of beach life. But don’t let that fool you, I can do more than just read and write! During my time in school, I was parallel-pathing what would become a career in sales. I started with telemarketing and door-to-door sales (ask me sometime about my job as a Kirby Vacuums sales rep, oof), ultimately transitioning into a post-graduate career in advertising sales, marketing, and ultimately business development.

My career adventures have taken me across various industries and businesses, from the toy industry to the nuclear energy field, so I won’t bore you with the details. Instead, I’ll tell you about my work in the entertainment industry, because it’s there that I’ve found the most fulfilling projects, and worked with the most talented artists and collaborators.

Despite my youthful countenance, I’ve actually been around for a bit, and I’ve gotten to see the evolution of the way brands market themselves and their products. Gone are the days of mailers and print magazine/newspaper advertisements, they were replaced by banner and display ads, and now, our brave new world is all about social media. This means that marketers have had to become more creative in the ways they are reaching their customers, and a big part of that is content marketing.

Once I left the advertising world, I found my niche in the digital media world, which was more about content creation (read: storytelling) and distribution, and less about crafting an ad. My time at Defy Media was instrumental in helping me understand the shift in the marketing landscape. This is the period that I first became

Me in my natural habitat. (L) Buddy (R) Max

YouTube-certified in both Audience Development and Digital Rights, putting me in a small pool of people that understand not only how to produce, optimize, and distribute content for optimal results, but also how to manage copyright tools to protect that content from piracy.

Currently, in my role as Senior Director of Content Partnerships for the independent cable television network Ovation I’ve taken what I’ve learned from more than a decade of experience to help build strategic partnerships. This includes researching, negotiating, and project managing a variety of partners including valuable talent, producers, and collaborators who we’ve worked with on various projects including original series, brand integrations, and next-gen networks like our various OTT endeavors.

That’s the basics, I guess. If you want to know more than that, you’re going to have to take me out for a cup of coffee. Hit me up by filling out the form below, or via Linked In. Thanks for stopping by!weallgrow