An experienced partnerships and operations leader with a focus on the media/entertainment industry for the last 10+ years. Digital & OTT expertise combined with a background in sales, marketing/advertising, and cable television.

But that’s the boring stuff. First, some background on me. I’m a proud Latina, born and raised here in Los Angeles. I love dogs, graduated from UCSD with a BA in English Literature, and stumbled upon a career in sales. I found success in marketing and advertising, and this led me to jobs in a variety of businesses, from the toy industry to the nuclear energy field. 

Working in the entertainment industry has been most interesting. Despite its pitfalls (most recently underscored by today’s headlines), it offers an opportunity to work on fulfilling projects and work with talented collaborators. I found my niche in the digital media world, which was more about content creation (read: storytelling) and distribution, and less about crafting an ad. My time at Defy Media was instrumental in helping me understand the shift in the marketing landscape. 

Currently, in my role as Senior Director of Content Partnerships for the independent cable television network Ovation I’ve taken what I’ve learned from more than a decade of experience to help leverage the strategic partnerships I’ve made throughout the years. 

That’s the basics, I guess. If you want to know more than that, you’re going to have to take me out for a cup of coffee. Contact me by filling out the form below, or drop me a message on  LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by!

Me in my natural habitat. (L) Buddy (R) Max