A Great Month For Parenthood & Couples

Although I’m personally not a fan of cutesy kid and couple videos (I confess, cute animals are my weakness), we actually had a stellar month acquiring these types of videos, and they really struck a cord with people all over the globe. Some of the highlights were:


“Seeing” mommy for the first time!

The world loved watching little Louise donning her stylish pink glasses and seeing her mommy for the first time! Most recently, mother Megan appeared on Inside Edition to talk about how her singing to Louise is their special bond.


Parents tell kids about the birds and the bees

I don’t think I ever sat down and had “the talk” with my parents, so I can’t even fathom how cringeworthy this is, especially for kids this young! Well, this one was a great hit with anyone who has ever had to have an uncomfortable conversation with their son, daughter, brother, sister or other young person.

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Q-Ball Flies High Gets A “Behind The GIF”

One of my favorite videos of ours from last year, “Qball Flies High in Hemlock,” got the “Behind The GIF” treatment recently. If you’re not familiar with “Behind The GIF” the phenomenon grew out of, like most internet trends, a subreddit where community members started creating backstories for popular GIFs. The backstory is told through a series of illustrated comics which culminate to the GIF ending. For more on the trend, you can go to Know Your Meme, otherwise, click the image below to go to Q-Ball’s “Behind The Gif,” and enjoy!