Sasha Banks & Charlotte Make WWE Pay-Per-View History

Although women have been a part of WWE’s history for many years, they’ve usually been represented as “Divas” and bikini babes (with the exception of a couple like Jackie or Lita Ford). But that all started to change as of a couple of years ago when they started hiring actual wrestlers (instead of models), and as WWE’s SVOD service took off and made their content more accessible, they started to see the demand for more female matches. This eventually lead to the decision to make two women the main event of their latest pay-per-view, which is a huge deal and a huge gamble for WWE, but I’m happy to see that the match was successful, because this will only lead to more opportunities for female wrestlers. AMAZING WORK, LADIES!

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It's time for us to lift our women and stand beside them.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams just got on the “Woke Bae” list by bringing some very feminist views to Variety’s Inclusion summit. I wish I would have known about this event sooner so that I could attend. It sounds like it was a really productive, enlightening, event that brought together several entertainment industry heavyweights together for some frank¬†discussions about inclusivity, diversity, and multiculturalism.

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